Zan Perrion

Ars Amorata CEO

Jordan Luke Collier

Ars Amorata Head Coach

Leo Tran

Ars Amorata Coach

Sorin Dinca

Ars Amorata Business Manger

Testimonial by ZAN PERRION
Zan Perrion is an internationally acclaimed writer and professional speaker inspiring audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life. Over the years, his name has become synonymous with a natural way for relationships... the ars amorata, or the art of love...

Testimonial by Jordan Luke Collier
Jordan is dedicated to helping create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women, and is responsible for Online Programs. He also speaks and coaches in Spanish and Portuguese, and leads Way of Approaching workshops throughout the world...
Jordan Luke Collier

Testimonial by LEO TRAN
Leo is always jumping head first into situations without worry or care. This way of life has helped him become the coach and person he is today. If you're willing to dive into your emotional ``hell`` he'll be right there with you.

Testimonial by SORIN DINCA
My Name is Sorin Dinca from Bucharest, Romania, and I had the privilege of working with Zan from late 2012, I started as the simple ``website guy`` and absolutely felt in love with this great philosophy and community. Fast forwarding today, I now am the Manager for Ars Amorata and I made my life's mission to bring this community and philosophy to the world, day by day, person to person.