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The Casa Amorata Experience

Casa Amorata... a gypsy caravan, a moveable feast, a safe haven for wayward girls and urban gypsies of all kinds...

How many years and how much money have you spent trying to understand the hearts and minds of women? That ends now. No more uncertainty about what she is thinking, no more pacing around wondering what to do or say next, no more relationship guesswork, no more friend zone.

The Casa Amorata Experience is designed to give you the most powerful yet little-known parts of Zan’s knowledge. You already have years of information crammed into your head. It is time to embody that information forever. Zan will give you the last energetic fine-tuning you will ever need.

Your commitment: Wednesday evening to Sunday evening with Zan. Day and night together. A maximum of two students – so you will get the intense personal training and feedback you need. And this is followed by a year of direct access to Zan as you embark on this magnificent next phase of your life.

Take a look at even just one or two of the following bullet points and you will immediately see that this is exactly what you have been seeking all these long years.

The choice is all yours…

We call it an Experience for a reason, and if you relate to Zan’s philosophy, this is your chance to experience it first hand…

By the end of the Casa Amorata Experience, you will...

…finally be able to clearly understand the subtle dynamics of attraction and chemistry between men and women. You will feel – perhaps for the very first time – the nuance of the secret rhythm of women, the ebb and flow, the timeless dance. And from now on and forever, it will be you creating it, you guiding it, you making it all happen.

never again be stuck in your head – the dismal downward spiral. No more weird energies ruining the experience.

…never be in the so-called “friend zone” with any woman ever again. Yes, even with that one girl you’re stuck in a loop with right now — we’re gonna solve that for you!

never be lonely again. You will finally have the choice to not be alone – every night of the week.

…discover that women take notice of you in a different way than they ever have before. Your entire being will radiate sexual mystique – a constant aura that enters the room even before you do.

…have the skills and awareness to not only attract a great circle of women into your life but have them stay in your life forever. A spirit of fun, harmony, mischief – creating memories together that’ll bring endless fulfillment to your life.

…emanate an inviting spirit that has both beautiful women and excellent men feel compelled to accept your invitations, and want to come back for more.

…be sharper than any other man in the room at reading the constant flow of sub-communication. You will be able to spot the opportunities and upcoming challenges long before they happen. You will know exactly what is about to happen, what every woman is thinking, and your next incredible move.

…know exactly how to maximize the feeling of devotion between you and the women in your life, and how to keep the seduction and romance alive – even if it is your first date.

…know how to consistently get beautiful women to be “on your side.” They will become your “wing-women,” bringing even more great girls into your social circle.

…know how to set boundaries with equanimity, ease, and grace. You will know forever how to deal with confrontation, jealousy, and judgment.

…begin to live the life you have always dreamed of – a life of adventure, mischief, and fun – forever surrounded by the life-giving spirit of feminine grace and beauty and lighting up the world around you with your newfound state of grace.


“I knew and had studied every word Zan has ever written and spoken, but it was only when I met him and spent time with him in the Casa Amorata Experience that it all clicked and I finally, FINALLY understood everything for the first time. And, believe it or not, this was after the very first evening!”
Sydney, Australia



The Casa Amorata Experience is a unique and deep learning adventure, so we accept only a highly specific type of gentleman to join us for this transformational event.

For those who are ready, this is an UNPRECEDENTED level of access to Zan and his world. But it is not for everyone. No misogynists, no victims, no casters of blame. The Casa Amorata Experience is by application only, and the screening process is absolutely strict. In all honesty, most men are not ready. Your readiness will be determined by Zan Perrion himself.

To be accepted:

You must have a sense of gratitude for life, a sophisticated charm, and a genuine love for women

You must identify as a bit of a philosopher and are fascinated by the greater mysteries of life

You must have mischief in your soul; you are a scoundrel and raconteur by nature

You must be desirous of a greater social life and are motivated to try new things to set it all up in your home

You must want to be a more refined, powerful and uplifting presence for your guests

You must love the idea of travel and creating the best memories possible

You must already have women in your life but want to expand your options and create truly unique and special relationships

You must be open to receiving eye-opening and shocking feedback from Zan and the women of Casa Amorata

You must not be a victim or need therapy and you do not blame the world or women for your woes

You must recognize that this is a premium experience and will require a high level of financial commitment from you

You must absolutely love what you’ve seen so far, and think this is the perfect training for you. No convincing.

As you can see, this is not for the faint of heart, nor for the tire-kickers. If you are chosen, you must come with a clear and open mind. You will be invited to bring all your personal challenges, goals and aspirations to the table and Zan will hold you unquestionably accountable to your commitments.

If this sounds like you and you feel you are ready to finally step into your true power as a lover of women and life, then we invite you to apply for a place in the Casa Amorata Experience. Keep in mind that Zan only does these powerful events a few times per year and we usually receive more applications than places we offer.

So really take the time to think about why you would be a good fit for this experience and let us know the vision you wish to create in the world. Click the button below to set up a preliminary call with Zan to discuss the possibilities for you.

Zan Perrion
Ars Amorata
“I’m not an ‘approach coach’ like a lot of the teachers in this space. And I don’t focus on deep therapy, resolving your childhood, or removing emotional blocks, either. What I do better than anyone else is understand the subtle dynamics of being the conductor of the orchestra – managing the complex harmonies of attraction, nervousness, excitement, envy, judgment, and challenging energies in a social setting… all in the name of creating a spirit of fun and magic for everyone present. You will be able to die happy in your old age, knowing that you’ve experienced life at it’s most sublime, that you have loved and been loved, and that you are now encountering redemption on your deathbed.