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We have taken the very best concepts of the Ars Amorata philosophy – including some of Zan’s most shocking and practical secrets! – and rolled them all into one incredible online program: The Way of The Amorati – Fundamentals: A 90-Day Challenge.

Most men are too busy struggling with their personal belief system to ever have the time or ability to live a life of ease and abundance in the company of women.

Are you tired of all the guesswork, the not knowing, when it comes to women? Are you tired of being lonely? Are you tired of all the money and time wasted in trying to create an amazing social life? Are you tired of always being the nice guy or worse… her friend?

It’s time for change. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

This program won’t help you with your trivial problems – it is designed to aid you with the highest level of manhood challenges that only elite men are willing to face.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

You will learn to finally see behind the veil and understand exactly what women are thinking.

You will learn how to radiate masculine mystique everywhere you go.

You will learn exactly how to handle yourself in any social situation – with confidence and humor and grace.

You will learn how to maximize your attractive qualities in a way that women simply cannot resist.

You will discover the incredible feeling of knowing there is no longer any fear of rejection.

You will discover what it feels like to be a force of nature – a penetrative force! –  in the land of women, experiencing jaw-dropping passion, and breaking free of the dreaded “friend-zone”… forever!

You will learn how to to create brave new levels of mischief, intimacy and beauty with women – whether together for one night or for an entire lifetime.

You will become that rarest of men: a true lover of women – a man who loves women and is loved by women – for the rest of your days!


Zan  spent decades in the land of women, exploring the art of seduction from all perspectives, and learning the unique cadence and rhythm of women. His gift to the world is the Ars Amorata philosophy – distilled now into this one amazing program!


Upon completion of the The Way of The Amorati – Fundamentals program, you will be eligible to join the ranks of the Amorati, our exclusive band of brothers – treasure hunters and raconteurs – with hundreds of members in cities all over the world. For free! For life!


Imagine taking your future into your own hands and moving toward the life you have always dreamed of living! A life without apology, hesitation, or anxiety – and discovering that all women are intrigued by your calm and knowing and secret smile.


“Women are always on my side. Even ones I barely know. They facilitate things for me. They introduce me to other women. “Ah, you will love my friend,” they say. “Excellent. Bring her around,” I say. And they do.

This is because women recognize a man who truly loves and delights in women, and there is something in the heart of a woman that wants to assist that delight in some way, to make it happen for him.

Women are inherently generous to men who love women. Women want men to succeed. Women want to take care of men. Even mothers are on my side, offering to introduce me to their daughters.”

– Zan Perrion, The Alabaster Girl

There you have it! The Way of The Amorati – Fundamentals program is the only thing you will ever need to make lasting change in your life. Your first step to becoming the kind of vibrant, magnetic, and mysterious man that women adore. And we are with you every step of the way!

You will learn more about yourself and the way women experience you than from anything else you could possibly do – right from your own home. And along with the concepts and mindset that make a man truly attractive, you will also learn amazing, practical ways to put it all into action immediately!

The end result? A comprehensive and in-depth examination of your role in this world – an incredible deep-dive analysis that is designed to change your concepts of women and life forever.

The Way of The Amorati – Fundamentals program is, in essence, an extended application process into the ranks of the Amorati. It is your chance to prove you are worthy to belong to our world-wide network of excellent men.

When you graduate in 90 days, you will be invited to become a member of our band of rogues – an incredible community with vibrant conversations and Amorati World Conferences in different cities twice per yearand all for free!

And that’s the most important reason for this whole journey. To truly understand and embody the Ars Amorata philosophy it doesn’t matter if you’re married or single, traveling or settled in one place, multi-amorous or committed to one woman, you will feel a pervasive sense of ease and delight, joy and excitement at the mere fact of being alive. Women will do anything to be near you, to enjoy your company.

If you truly want to be part of this global movement, then don’t hesitate – apply to join the Way of The Amorati – Fundamentals program today!

You will you feel as if you’re living, as if you’ve lived, as if you’ve experienced beauty, and your mind and heart will be calm, and your wisdom plenty.

Exclusive Private Social Platform

Built on our own customized architecture, everything is presented to you in a timely and convenient manner, allowing for a highly immersive experience. The discussion and learning grows as we share together our thoughts, ideas, links, stories, issues, concerns, and advice.

Themes And Missions Throughout

This is how we lock in the learning. Each week’s theme builds on the theme from the week before, and the weekly missions are designed to teach you about the theme by doing. Don’t worry… the missions are not time-intensive at all, but they are stimulating and designed to take you past the edge of your previous experience.

An Ideal Balance Between Theory And Practicality

The program gives you a few days of preparation, and then calls you to action fairly quickly. We have learned from students all over the world that results and success in the land of women usually happens from day one. And each week, we provide you with a deep understanding of each concept before breaking it down into practical and actionable steps.

Live Mentoring Throughout

We have live, interactive mentoring calls at the beginning of each week. Your mentor will facilitate and introduce into the discussion the most burning issues and stories of the group. We are here to learn from each other. And if you miss a call, not to worry – all is recorded.

Absolute Confidentiality

This is assured. Anything that is shared with our team will be protected, and we will never give out any personal information to anyone. This allows you to feel comfortable in giving 100% to the program.


"Put simply: I love, embrace and genuinely want to celebrate this natural message of ours. It’s sincere yet thrilling, it nudges us men and women into a dialogue and a dance… and it’s what we all want. I first met Zan by chance - through a mutual friend and without any prior exposure to his writing or speaking. In fact I got to observe both him at close quarters, night and day, and saw him living the message he is preaching, and at the same time always looking to improve his own understanding through the prism of real-world interaction and reflection. This resonated with me enormously. This philosophy sits well with who I am, what I value, and what I hope for the future. So I took the plunge and committed myself to The Ars Amorata Fundamentals. Having been through it I can see, hear and feel real definite before-and-after shifts as a result. The main takeaway for me is that everything we thought we might want to hide - i.e. our endless love for, and drive to be close to, the women in our world - turns out to be our biggest benefactor. How’s that for a happy ending?"
"Before I found out about Zan’s teaching a few years ago, I was already curious and have observed the dynamics and the interaction between people. After discovering and joining The Ars Amorata Fundamentals in 2009, I realized that there is such an important message in the Ars Amorata philosophy for men in our modern time. Being born and raised in Hong Kong, due to the cultural differences, I am aware of the challenges of being a modern Asian man, therefore I am devoted to inspire others to gain the understanding that is essential to life and to success. We might all come from different cultures and background - nevertheless what we need as humans is simply the same. An overarching theme of my life has been this : 'I am not comfortable where/who I am, I need to be somewhere/someone to make myself feel better',which is not the best perspective one can have (!) . But one thing that shifted me through The Ars Amorata Fundamentals was realizing this: We are already that guy, we just need to believe it. To me however, it was just too simple to be realistic, but it actually all only comes down to a single choice as Zan puts it. Therefore, slowly, instead of treating everything as a big puzzle to be solved, I am starting to enjoy things more as they appear. Now, as a member of the Amorati, moving forward, I will be two things - 1. taking notes on things I learn along the way 2. to share that with those who are ready for a change."
"All my life I had a feeling that there had to be more to life. I wanted desperately to rebel against something that I could not put my finger on. I am a searcher and I guess I will always be that. Nevertheless, since I was introduced to The Ars Amorata Fundamentals, several things have fallen into place. Life has become a learning process and a lot more fun. I see patterns emerging in so many social interactions now. It is intriguing. I see now how much people around me and the world needs to hear the Ars Amorata message. I am very happy and honored to be asked to be a part of the Amorati Elite, and hope to be able to carry on the word and inspire others to live a fuller life, like I have been inspired by Zan and his philosophy. At the end of the day, we will all see that our neighbors' freedom is our own freedom. There is so much to discover, and I wish to keep the mindset of the beginner to preserve this freshness of my experience of life and people."
"Throughout my life I've been on a journey of transformation: I went from being a painfully shy, socially inept guy, barely able to speak to women to being a really confident and outgoing guy, often the life of the party, and having a very natural way with women. When I joined The Ars Amorata Fundamentals, I was already very far along this journey, I was already doing most things right with women. But I knew I had more to learn, and what I learned really shocked me: probably my biggest insight was realizing that I wasn't really being honest with women. I had always thought of myself as honest, but when I saw a beautiful woman, one I was really attracted to, I would hide it. First, I would hide it from her. Second I would hide it from anyone else who was around. And lastly, I would try to hide it even from myself, I would try to bury it so deep that no one would know, not even me. In The Ars Amorata Fundamentals I was invited to honestly communicate my attraction, and all kinds of wonders started to happen. For me it was a missing piece of the puzzle, and from that point on I began to play and flirt with women in a much more natural way. This has lead to more wild moments, including some of the greatest moments of my life. Which basically was and remains my goal: to really live more of my life. So now I'm committed to sharing this message with whoever else needs to hear it. I'm proud and delighted to be selected as part of the Amorati Elite, and I'm excited about what we can do, about where this journey will take us."


The next course starts this coming Monday…

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“Give me but five minutes to talk away my
ugly face, and I can bed the queen of France.”


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