Presentation Series – Foundations of Attraction – 1 DVD (Volume 2)

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There have always been men who are at ease in the land of women. Who are these men, and what sets them apart from you?
In this eye-opening series, you will discover the secrets and traits of these men. Never before described, every man in history who was good with women had all of these traits…

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Are you ready for more?
Want to see Zan do live demonstrations?
Hear him answer the difficult questions from a live audience?
Have him expand beyond Way of the Natural?
Way of Attraction Inc presents…
-Presentation Series-
Foundations of Attraction

Throughout the Presentation series, Zan brings you into the world of the lover, the romance artist, and shows you the secrets, the philosophies and tools. He tells stories and answers the most common questions, but most importantly, he shows you how to unlock the powerful “Natural” within yourself once and for all!

With all the misogyny, mistrust and manipulation that underscores the majority of our interactions today, no wonder men and women everywhere are searching for real intimacy and connection. We search for quick techniques on how to be more confident, more charming, more attractive to women… only to run into conflicting advice from all different sources.

But the answers are already within you! Your ancestry is full of men who were creators, warriors and lovers! At some point in your past, your fathers stood on this earth with swords on a battlefield, and defended the right of your bloodline to exist.

Forget everything in your recent past… the right to succeed with women is your inheritance! What you need to succeed is already in your heart!

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