If you loved
the Way of the Amorati Fundamentals…

If that adventure pushed you out of your comfort zone, encouraged you to live a more authentic life, and gave you a whole new perspective on romance and beauty…

… then you are going to love…

The Way of the Amorati – Advanced

What is my next step as an Amorati?

The 13-week follow-up programme to Fundamentals is a deep-dive into the mysterious subjects of Masculine Edge, your lower moving energy, and the taboo truths that underpin seduction and intimacy.

Where Fundamentals encouraged you to believe in beauty once more, and had you show up as your authentic, celebratory self, Advanced will guide you into your “dark forest”, helping you uncover your innate sexual and emotional magnetism as a man.

Advanced plots to have you heighten your aura of mischief and charisma in the land of women, deepening your leadership and vulnerability as you go, to create a way of being that makes attraction both inevitable and effortless.


Become the center of gravity around which women revolve.

Advanced includes all the features you enjoyed during your Fundamental journey:

— 2x hour weekly deep-dive group calls

— 91 daily posts to shake your way of seeing the world

— 13 brand new themes to fuel curiosity for years to come

— daily feedback, conversation and support from your brothers on our secure platform

What’s more:

— on Advanced you will be part of a very tight-knit group (max. 6-8 participants) to ensure you get plenty of deep, 1-1 coaching time. This means that we will custom-make the missions to suit your particular situation, while holding you accountable all the way.

— you will be tracked, encouraged and supported each step of the way by Ars Amorata founder Zan Perrion, and with me, Head Coach Jordan Luke Collier.

The Advanced journey will not always be easy, and it is not for everyone. This “journey into the deep” will uncover some surprising truths.

All the while, we will be in this together… We will playfully call out your relationship blindspots, while helping you enhance attractive traits you never knew you had…

As we get to know you on a deep level during your time on the Advanced, we will work to shift long-standing patterns that have held you back from the love-life you’ve always wanted… at the same time we’ll equip you with concrete skills and practical suggestions to have you navigate your day-to-day dating life with creativity, humour and ease.

Ready to take your next step as an Amorati?

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And together we will work out whether now is a good time for you to embark on this challenge.

— Jordan Luke Collier, Head Coach, Ars Amorata

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