Every great life has had in it…
a great renunciation

Ars Amorata

The Way of the Amorati – Advanced

A Once In A Lifetime Adventure To Embody Your Wild Masculine Essence!

The Way of the Amorati – Advanced is a journey from East to West. A journey away from your rational, knowledge-seeking mind. Away from your fear of life’s intensity. Away from watching your days pass by as you live constantly from your head. It’s a journey that will have you cross a treacherous frontier, further in your understanding of the mysteries of women and life, further toward your unique attractive traits and “ways of being” with women. And in the process, sharpening your knife-edge sexual energy so that you will always create a powerful and lasting impact wherever you go in this world.

But it’s not for the faint-of-heart…

This journey will pull you into the realms of your darkest shadows, will have you face the facets of intimacy and sexuality that scare you most, and will shine a light on the parts of you that you feel are too shameful and unlovable to ever show to the world.

This is your Rite of Passage. You will claim your power in relationship to women, discovering a serene sense of self-expression that will ultimately leave you with an alluring mystique that women find intoxicating.

Facing your fears and the darkness of your psyche will give you all the energy and sense of “thrust” you need in the land of women. You’ll be at once mysterious yet trustworthy. Silent, yet awash in charm. You’ll be welcomed into the secret enclaves of the hearts of women that most men never see. You’ll live in a state of beauty and wonder, for which you’ll shed tears of gratitude as you lay on your death-bed.

But as much as you’ll be called to ‘do the work’, you won’t be alone. On this adventure you will be joined by a brotherhood of excellent men. You’ll be supported. And you’ll gain a sense of indestructibility while handling even the most challenging aspects of intimate relationships with ease. And you’ll gain clarity on the true meaning and direction of your life.

My full heart and my entire life’s work has gone into the production of a full-scale cinematic adventure aimed to revolutionize everything in your life concerning love and feminine grace. I’ve fought hard for this to come into being, and I’ve done it with the collaboration of many powerful people.

So yes, we are proud to present to you the most profound voyage that Ars Amorata has ever offered. The only question is this:

Are you ready for it?

Ars Amorata


The Way of the Amorati – Advanced
A 6-Month Online Mastermind Challenge
A 9-Day Mystical Journey, Lost in France

Master the arts of Romance And Seduction...

and become a Force Of Nature

Who This Journey Is For

This journey is for the lovers, the romantics and the scoundrels of the world – men who want to make memories and create ‘peak experiences’ of passion and beauty with women.

It’s for the man who is determined to never settle for mediocrity in his relationships again, and who wants to keep the creativity needed to always be able to reignite aliveness in his relationships – no matter his age or current relationship status.

And it’s also for the Amorati member on the path who wants to find the solidity and groundedness he needs so he can put on a good account of himself in the moments with women that matter most. So he can speak his truth, never again enter the friend-zone, and keep his presence even when under intense uncertainty and emotional pressure.

Most of all, it’s for the man who resonates strongly with the Ars Amorata philosophy… the man who absolutely adores women.

We only require that you are 1) a current member of the Amorati, and 2) you have some experience of showing up authentically in the land of women. Theme-wise, we’ll be continuing from where the Way of the Amorati — Fundamentals left off, and taking our explorations far, far deeper.

For this reason, we don’t focus on getting you a narrow outcome in relation to women. So be clear: this is not a program about approaching, dating, getting to sex, or securing a relationship. It’s about something way deeper. We’re focusing on the principles that underlie it all. The metaphysical dance, so to speak, between a man and a woman. And what it means to play your part, par excellence, as the man… whatever outcome in the land of women you may desire.

This is going to be bold. New. Pioneering. Ars Amorata content you’ve never seen before.

Alone with nature. No distractions.
This is pure intimacy. The stark, gritty reality of seduction.
Life unbound.

The 6-Month online component Is a group mastermind program led by Zan Perrion and Jordan Luke Collier. You will walk through a carefully orchestrated online course with daily lessons, weekly practices, weekly calls with your Mentors and tightly-run Triad Groups. All designed to...

…equip you with the specific practices, understanding and ‘worldview shifts’ needed for each of the intentions listed above to manifest. And we’ll track your progress individually and personally, the whole way.

…introduce you to concepts that will blow your mind, and ask of you bigger questions than you’d ever dare to ask. The size of a man’s life is determined by the size of his questions, and during the Online Mastermind we’ll be sharing with you insights gained from all areas of the wide and fascinating world of dating, relationship, sex, seduction, and intimacy expertise.

…submerge you into a culture of deep brotherhood and support. Many Amorati members claim that their triad-mates and course colleagues become lifelong friends. And we’ll work tirelessly with you so that you achieve the goals you set out.

…call out your blind spots and the ways you fool yourself (and others). We will strip you of the masks you wear and the ways you disconnect and play small. All in service of helping you find and express more of your authentic and attractive self.

…inspire you with a vibrant community of men who are deep in this practice, and every week we’ll meet live on a group call to discuss and tease apart all the nuances and technicalities of the dance between men and women.

…give you glimpses — premonitions — of your Masculine Essence, as you immediately begin to take new steps forward into the land of women.

…steep you in a cultural stew that will teach you – often outside of your conscious awareness – how to welcome greater beauty in your life, in all its forms.

…tease out of you a greater sense of mischief, aliveness, and confidence in your sexuality. The course is designed to have you embody all the concepts of the Ars Amorata philosophy as the weeks unfold, and you’ll also find yourself feeling confident and able to take leadership in all your relationships. And all the while you will be developing a love for the mystery of the unknown…

  1. Authenticity vs. Mystique
    • How Much Honesty Is Too Much Honesty?
  2. Vulnerability vs. Strength
    • Evoking The Warrior’s Repose
  3. Sexual Shame and The Erotic Mind
    • Unleashing Fire
  4. Family vs. Adventure
    • Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
  5. The Law of Polarity
    • The Beauty That Makes Men And Women Different
  6. Audacity vs. Watchfulness
    • The Two Distinct Faces Of The Masculine
  7. Conflict And Sexual Tension
    • Building A Steely, Unflinching Nervous System
  8. How Dark Is Your Love?
    • Exploring Your Darkness For Ultimate Compassion
  9. Unleashing The Beast
    • Killing The Remnants Of Mr. Nice Guy
  10. Comfort, Pleasure, and Surprise
    • Seduction Training From Tangos & Gigolos
  11. Sexual Incredibility
    • Leadership Lessons From The World Of Tantra
  12. Ending The ‘Self-Completion Project’
    • Giving Up Self-Help For Good
  1. Intimacy vs. Distance
    • Is The Only Thing More Powerful Than Having, Wanting?
  2. Conviction vs. Not Knowing
    • Embracing Arrogance, Humility, & Supernatural Powers
  3. Love, Surrender & Conscious Restraint
    • The Pearls, Pitfalls And Potentials Of The Masculine Heart
  4. Devotion, Worship, & Mischief
    • God’s Favor Bestowed
  5. Towards A Masculine Spirituality
    • Weaving Words Of Silk-Like Seduction
  6. Force Of Nature & Radical Aliveness
    • The Source Of Movement & Stillness
  7. Man On A Mountain
    • Will You Cope When Faced With Death Or Glory?
  8. Legacy & World-Creation
    • Mindful Of Your Choices As An Influencer 
  9. Vision Quest
    • A Millennia-Old Way Of Adventure
  10. Integrating It All
    • How The Meaning We Make Shapes Our Experience Of Life
  11. Into The Abyss

How does one wash off the sour, lingering odor of “nice guy?”

Lower your center of gravity. Get in your hips.
Get in shape. Get some nice shoes.
Get out and meet new people. Get an edge.
Loosen your tie. Un-tuck your shirt.
Learn a language. Learn an instrument.
Travel far and wide.
Hang around your heroes.
Climb a mountain and never tell a soul.

The Alabaster Girl, page 252

The Masculine Edge Vision Quest

When you arrive in France, everything you’ll need will be provided for you. You just have to arrange your transportation and show up at the right location with clothes fit for the outdoors, ready for a 9-day adventure you’ll never forget!

Your Vision Quest will be guided by Melissa, an angel on this earth who loves the Ars Amorata message, who spent ten years studying at the feet of shamans and spiritual elders in the Amazon basin and with the indigenous tribes of Mexico and Guatemala. Melissa will arrange for your stay to be powerful yet safe, and will provide the preparation and purification processes you’ll need so that your consciousness will soar and your spirit will cleanse up there on the mountain.

During our time together you’ll be guided through a series of embodiment activities, excursions, and group coaching processes, to get the full experience into your body. An in-depth and integrated preparation program will be built into the associated six month online program, so you can be assured you will be doing the right things at the right times, during the build-up to the Vision Quest, so you can gain optimal results.

The Masculine Edge Vision Quest is about one main thing: to restore you to your true, wild nature. And from that aura of indestructible confidence, living a life of women, purpose and adventure.

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